Sunday, September 15, 2013


Setelah sekian lama mencari sesuatu yang MURAH, MUDAH dan CEPAT untuk menjana pendapatan melalui perniagaan MLM akhirnya saya telah menemui satu program HEBAT yang dipelopori oleh Tuan Haji Shahairi Amir dan program M.E.P.$ yang beliau jalankan. Saya ingin mengajak tuan/puan menjadi PIONEER ditempat masing2 untuk menjalankan satu2nya perniagaan MLM BERLANDASKAN SYARIAH DI MALAYSIA kini.


Brand Name: Intense Energie
Product Name: BC 100 Body Cream
BC100 Body Cream, your secret to a more radiant and youthful looking skin!
Using German Technology, scalar energy equivalent to healthy human cells (70-90 millivolts) is embedded into BC 100 Body Cream. This technology known as P-SET (Proprietary Scalar Embedding Technology) is unique because of its long lasting energy.
Nowadays, the healthy living of society are affected by:
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Processed foods and fast food
  • Hectic lifestyle
  • Environmental pollutions
These factors are putting a lot of strain to our cells, giving way to health problems. Clumping of red blood cells (Rouleaux) which looks like a stack of coins under the microscope, affects blood circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients to cells.
BC100 Body Cream with its unique scalar energy helps activate blood cells and separate these blood clumps for a better blood circulation thus improving overall health. Selected ingredients are combined to BC100 Body Cream to promote rejuvenation, revitalization and helps recharge body cells.
Active cells brings good health and a better looking you!
Unique Benefits:
  1. Activate blood cells by separating sticky blood cells
  2. Promote blood circulation and oxygen supply of blood
  3. Repair human energy field to form a strong protective shield of energy field (anti-radiation)
  4. Adjust human chakras to a state of harmony
  5. Rejuvenates and increases skin firmness
  6. Increased vitality, anti-stress, improved calmness and pressure relieving
  7. Absorbs quickly into skin with intensive moisturizing effects on skin (especially dry skin)
  8. Non-sticky yet fragrant
Apply onto skin and gently massage till absorbed into skin.
Recommended use as your daily routine for beautiful and youthful skin.
Net Weight: 200 ml
Retail Price: RM180.00

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