Monday, September 10, 2012


Berikut adalah dua pengumuman baru dari syarikat

Member Update 1 - 09/09/2012

How to use your new ProfitClicking Wallet
Once you have logged into your ProfitClicking account, your wallet can be found to the left of the screen under "My Wallet". After clicking on the menu button, you will be directed to the account balances area. This is where you can view your Panel Balance, Ad Package Balance and the total amount you have available in your Wallet.
To the left, again, you will see four large green buttons. This is where you will make your purchase choices. You may choose to purchase traffic only, or as an affiliate, earn money while you click.
Once you have made your choice, simply follow the loading instructions, choose your payment processor and complete the process.
Here's to your Success!
ProfitClicking Executive Team


Member Update 2 - 09/09/2012

Members Only
Becoming a member of ProfitClicking has many exclusive features. Even with a free account each member will have access to an increased list of FAQ’s and to the company moderator room. Both of these member-only areas are set up to assist you in deciding which product options will best fit your business needs.
Over the next few months we will be introducing many new products along with member’s only trainings and special offers.
Here's to your Success!
ProfitClicking Executive Team

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