Friday, September 7, 2012

Notice from ProfitClicking

Authorized message from PC IT dept::  We are aware that in the past few days, some members are not seeing the same countdown time to our official launch - to Fund, Buy & Surf, etc...

IT upgraded the existing countdown and all of us should now see a "universal" countdown timer regardless of our timezones and even if we have the wrong time on our computer.

You may also notice that the countdown goes up again. With the placement of more high-speed severs, our IT Team is needing more time to ensure that everything will run as smoothly as possible the moment we officially launch and open the doors for our valued members to Fund, Surf, Buy and all the activities that our members do on a regular basis.

We truly appreciate your excitement and anticipation of our launching and we appreciate your understanding on this "necessary" technical delay.

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