Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big Money Dynamics

Exploring the "money dynamics" of a program can shine a light on how much can be earned. A most important factor is how well the program performs and delivers. The "3/15/11 Update" (above) provides an indication of how well JSS-Tripler performs and delivers.

Membership growth is another important factor. You can get an idea of JSS-Tripler's growth from the Alexa traffic chart at the top of this page. High growth reflects Strong Momentum that makes "big money dynamics" possible.

When considering money dynamics, money flows are very important. You can get an idea of JSS-Tripler's money flows by monitoring the table of Top 20 Earners at the top of this page, and noting how the earnings increase over time.

Yet another important factor is how easy it is for members to earn money. Some programs with no sponsoring requirements, and no dependence on spillover to make money, make it relatively easy for members to earn money. Typically, for those who can sponsor, it tends to be easier to sponsor people into these programs. This may accelerate program growth. See the "98% Solution!"
Ideally, the money dynamics should be such that any member can start in the program with $100 or less, with a good prospect of building a substantial monthly income.
As new members join, new money continues to flow into the program. It's important to realize that EVERYONE WHO JOINS AFTER YOU, who puts money into the program, HELPS YOU MAKE MONEY!

Positions usually last for a certain period or until a certain percentage has been earned, after which they expire. Members typically then buy new upgrades to continue earning.

There are often members who parlay some of their profits in order to increase their future earnings. This involves members increasing their successive purchases.

The point of the two previous paragraphs is "Growth from Within." EVERYONE WHO JOINED BEFORE YOU, who puts more money into the program, also HELPS YOU MAKE MONEY!
Over time, the referral commissions for some programs can become substantial. If your referrals buy new positions regularly, and they gradually increase their successive purchases, then your referral commissions keep growing.

Successful promoters choose which programs they spend time promoting. They can earn more from promoting certain programs than from promoting other programs. This is very important to the money dynamics of a program. The size of the downlines ("No. of Referrals")of the Top 20 Earners (table at top of page) provides an indication of the extent to which some members are promoting JSS-Tripler. For further indications, Google: justbeenpaid and jss-tripler.

There's always risk. Things beyond the control of program admin could happen to disturb money flows, e.g., problems with payment processors, server overlaods, DDOS attacks, etc. That's why it's important to limit your risk, to recover your original stake as soon as appropriate, and to then parlay only some of your profits.

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