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General Information

1) How do I make money in Profit Clicking?
There are 6 ways to make money in Profit Clicking: through our Advertising Package Program, AdPack Referral Program, PC Panel Program, PC Panel Referral Program, and two more from our PC Membership Program.

- Advertising Package Program
When you purchase an Advertising Package you are purchasing a Traffic Exchange package providing you with 1000 advertising impressions .

As an Affiliate you will enjoy varied earnings over a period of not less than 81 days for each advertising package you purchase.

Each Advertising Package sells at a cost of $10. In addition to the obvious benefits received from providing your website(s) with powerful advertising – you will also enjoy earnings on each package for a minimum of 81 days. Earnings will vary based on a variety of factors which assist in ensuring your earning health and continued the longevity of the Profit Clicking advertising program.

In addition to daily earnings on each advertising package you will receive a bonus of a free PC Panel each time you have 4 advertising packages mature. Your free PC Panel will provide you with a $60 rebate once it is finalized. It is our way of saying thank you for supporting our advertising program.

Ad Package Referral Program
In addition to the advertising package earnings and the rebate – you can also earn by introducing others to the benefits of online advertising through Profit Clicking.

By sharing your links and introducing referrals, you can earn 10% commission on Level 1 and 5% commission on Level 2 for their Advertising Package purchases.

PC Panel Program
The PC Panel Program is an Elite Traffic Exchange Program which maximizes your Profit Clicking earnings.
To enjoy these earnings you purchase a PC Panel for $20 and refer others who do the same.
Each referral helps to finalize one of your PC Panels allowing you to enjoy a $60 rebate. Every 1st and 3rd (the 3rd is a variable parameter subject to change) advertising package belonging to one of your referrals is used to help you finalize one of your PC Panels .

By choosing to use the Accelerators available to you to finalize your PC Panels you will receive a $60 rebate for each one completed. This is the fast-track method to enjoying $60 rebates.

For every 4th matured Advertising Package you own you will receive one free PC Panel.
You can use your Advertising Package account to “feed” your PC Panel account since 50% of the free PC Panels you receive from maturing Ad Packages will assist towards finalizing existing PC Panels you own. The more Advertising Packages which have maturing, the more free PC Panels you receive – the more will go to assisting finalization of your existing PC Panels thus speeding the process of increasing your earnings!
Another option is to do nothing. By not referring anyone or by have no maturing Advertising Packages, the process of finalizing your PC Panels will take much longer (a few months up to 1 year). How quickly you earn your $60 rebate depends hugely on what action you decide to take.

PC Panel Referral Program
By promoting your links and getting referrals, you can earn $5 commission on Level 1 and $2.50 commission on Level 2, when one of your referrals’ enjoys a $60 rebate from one of their finalized PC Panels.

- Profit Clicking Membership:
PC sells Advertising Packages, PC Panels and Success Training Packages to members .
PC itself has four main parts, each with a product:

1. PC0:
Product: Upgrade Your Brain - Cost: Free

2. PC1:
Product: The Big Success Breakthrough - Cost: $15 every three months, Non-Commissionable

3. PC2:
Product: Killer Success Tricks 1-7 - Cost: $57 every three months - Pays a commission of $28.50 per sale

4. PC3:
Product: Killer Success Tricks 8-? - Cost: $117 every three months - Pays a commission of $58.50 per sale.
You receive a commission each time one of your referrals upgrades or renews. These earnings are automatically credited to your PC Panel account.

In order to receive these membership commissions, you yourself must be upgraded to Level 2 or Level 3 (see Profit Clicking Level 2 and Level 3 Information for information on “leapfrogging”).

2) What is the product that Profit Clicking is offering to the members?

A. PC sells Advertising Packages - PC Panels and Success Training Packages to members. PC itself has four main parts, each with a product:

1. PC0 (FREE) -- Product: Upgrade Your Brain. (Non Commissionable)
2. PC1 -- Product: The Big Success Breakthrough. (Non Commissionable)
3. PC2 -- Product: Killer Success Tricks #1 - #7. (Commissionable)
4. PC3 -- Product: Killer Success Tricks #8 - #? (Commissionable)

Your ability to succeed not just monetarily but in every aspect of your life can virtually be charted in proportion to what extent you learn and implement the products provided within the program. These life-changing products will be available on the site very soon, so look for them!

3) What is so special about PC that makes it different from other money-making programs and do I need to recruit members to earn money?

A. The biggest breakthrough is the Advertising Package program. No other program we know of makes it so easy for you to make money.
The second big breakthrough is the powerful PC Panel Program and the third is that you do not need referrals or down-lines to make money. However, it is the synergistic power of the combination of these factors which put PC in a class of its own for providing simplicity and high impact earning power to the 98 percenters.

4) What are the main benefits I get from joining Profit Clicking and how much can I earn?

A. You can earn money in five ways in Profit Clicking.
1) By purchasing Advertising Packages and enjoying daily earnings (earnings can vary based on a variety of factors) for each package until the Ad Package matures which is usually a minimum of 81 days
2) When your referrals purchase Advertising Packages you can earn 10% commission for those on Level 1 and 5% commission for those on Level 2
3) By purchasing PC Panels (or getting them for free) and completing them thereby receiving a $60 rebate.
4) Additionally, when you’re Level 1 and Level 2 Referrals enjoy their $60 rebates from their finalized PC Panels - you will earn commissions of $5 (Level 1) and $2.50 (Level 2).
5) Finally, you are also eligible to earn commission on the Level 2 and Level 3 membership upgrades every time a referral renews his membership (provided eligibility requirements are met).
From our Daily Conference chat room and live training sessions, to our extensive FAQs and Tutorials, PC provides you with virtually everything you need to become a successful online money maker.


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