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Understanding the "DAMM" Mechanics

"Understand the "DAMM" Mechanics More Completely..."
After the preparatory "work" of watching the above two videos and doing the test drive, it may be easier to grasp the "mechanics" of how the DAMM (Double Asset Money Multiplier) breakthrough works:

  • You buy a $20 position.

  • When your matrix is full -- 2 positions on your first level and 4 on your second -- you cycle and get paid $60.

  • The bottom line is that your $20 position has the potential to grow to $60 -- it's an asset and a money multiplier. (The details of the relative ease with which you can fill your matrix are provided below.)

  • You own an asset that is potentially worth $60.

  • We can take as the "average situation" that for the typical $20 position, the JSS program owns an asset potentially worth $20. Consider a matrix with 3 positions filled and 4 positions empty. For the matrix to get filled, 4 positions need to be bought at a cost of $20 each. In other words, $80 has to come in, before $60 has to be paid out -- a profit for the JSS program of $20. (Other factors, such as referral commissions and the purchase of "placements" are involved, but they more or less cancel out.)

  • So, as if by "magic," when a member buys a $20 position in JSS, 2 assets are created:

    1. A member asset potentially worth $60 to the member;

    2. A company asset potentially worth $20 to the JSS program.

  • No corresponding liabilities are created!

  • This is why it's called the "DAMM" (Double Asset Money Multiplier) Breakthrough -- the single transaction of a member buying a $20 position creates 2 assets (both of which with the potential to multiply money), without any corresponding liabilities!

  • This is the ultimate win-win design!
"JSS Compared to Traditional High-Return Programs..."
Next, we compare JSS to the traditional high-return program:
  • The traditional high-return program promises to pay members something like "1% per day, until you've earned 150% of your investment."

  • Suppose a member puts in $1,000. The program now has a liability of $1,500 -- the amount promised to the member over time.

  • As the program grows, it collects more money -- while its daily payouts as well as its total liability also grow.

  • Eventually, there comes a point where the new money coming in is less than the daily payouts -- cashflow turns negative. The program owner may decide to "run with the money" and the program disappears.

  • Another hazard is that the program suffers server downtime or some other interruption, causing a loss of confidence by its members. New money stops coming in and the program stalls.

  • In the case of JSS, there's no promised payout rate to maintain. The only obligation of JSS is to pay out $60 when a matrix fills. But, for that to happen, $80 has to come in first.

  • In the case of the traditional high-return program, if it starts slowing down, there's nothing practical individual members can do to increase their earnings significantly. They're effectively held hostage by overall program performance.

  • In the case of JSS, if the overall program slows down, individual members can always sponsor people to fill their matrixes and triple their money. Their financial destiny is effectively under their own control.

  • In the case of JSS, there's no incentive for the program owner to "run with the money." As JSS grows, the number of unccycled positions also grow -- an accumulation of "$20 assets" that tend to pay more, the longer the program continues.

  • "Running with the money" or shutting down the program would destroy all its accumulated assets (for which there are no corresponding liabilities).
"Compare JSS to the Traditional 2x2 Matrix..."
Now, we compare JSS to the traditional 2x2 matrix:
  • The traditional 2x2 matrix is a "follow-your-sponsor" system with "forced re-entries." Everyone you sponsor goes into your own matrix. When your matrix fills, you get a new entry under your sponsor. Productive sponsors tend to do very well, but members who don't sponsor typically get "left behind" and lose their money without ever cycling.

  • In JSS, you can buy "placements" which help fill your matrixes more quickly. Placements provide preferential treatment when spillover is used to fill other members' matrixes.

  • In JSS, a great deal of spillover occurs because only the first and fifth positions of sponsors' referrals go into the sponsors' matrixes. All the other referrals' positions are used as spillover. (The "fifth" is a variable parameter which may be changed from time to time.)

  • So JSS provides the "average member" with a much better "deal" than the traditional 2x2 matrix.

  • In the traditional 2x2 matrix, if your sponsor is a strong promoter, you typically get either 2 people or positions as spillover (if you're on your sponsor's first level), or ZERO people or positions as spillover (if you're on your sponsor's second level).

  • JSS has no forced re-entries. However, it has JSS-Booster -- the "ultimate re-entry system!
"The Power JSS-Booster Adds to JSS..."
Next, we examine JSS-Booster and the power it adds to JSS:
  • JSS-Booster is like a "mini-JSS" that is relaunched every week. Every time JSS-Booster is relaunched, it's like the launching of a new program... and particularly the members who buy positions early, literally see their money multiply quickly... right in front of their eyes...

  • After about 3 days, JSS-Booster is shut down and all its uncycled positions are merged into JSS. Typically, over a thousand new positions are added to JSS. This provides a substantial "growth spurt" to JSS, causing considerable cycling and earnings.
Among the thousands of high-return online programs there have been, the combination of JSS and JSS-Booster (part of the JustBeenPaid! program) is the first I know of to be indefinitely sustainable. I invite you to take advantage of it...
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