Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Restart Feature

The Restart Feature Explained

A Step-By-Step Explanation, How To Get Updates, View Your Results & Take Advantage!

  • The Restart Feature (otherwise known as Restart or RSF), is simply a conversion of your positions into Matrix positions before they're actually due to expire (via the natural expiration process, after 81 days).
  • Normally a minimum of 10% up to a maximum of 50% of positions (in any one account) will be converted, depending on account size and profit so far, although this may vary from one restart to another.
  • Immediately after a Restart, a Restart Feed takes place to create matrixes and/or fill empty spots in your existing matrixes, which actually helps them to cycle faster. It's an essential part of making our business indefinitely sustainable, by converting liabilities (positions) into assets (Matrix positions), of which the assets belong to you (the members).
  • However... Not all members will be eligible to participate in an upcoming Restart - Generally, a Restart will NOT be applied to our newest members. Typically, a Restart will not affect new accounts during their first "10-25 days" of getting started (purchasing positions). The "10-25 days" is a variable parameter to be determined for each Restart (under "normal circumstances" this most likely will not change).
  • Without the Restart Feature, our business may eventually fail - Just like practically all other high-return programs before!
  • The exact reason the Restart Feature was created in the first place, is to insure the longevity of the business, so its members can continue to make money online indefinitely!



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