Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome To Our New Members

What made HASRUL ANUAR and NIK MOHAMAD FAUZIE AZRIE  join JustBeenPaid? Action speaks louder than words.

Hasrul Anuar is a consultant with one of the largest corporation in Malaysia. He now resides in Wakaf Bharu, Kelantan, 60km away from my home. After hearing about JustBeenPaid from me, he decided to come over and take a first hand look himself.

Satisfied with what he see, he has decided to join me and purchased $1,000.00 worth of tripler positions which will earn him up to 2.00% daily. Hasrul is not an old friend but someone whom I just know last week.

Trust in the POWER of JustBeenPaid. 

I showed him my account and he saw how much I had made and how much I have withdrawed from JustBeenPaid. That made him decide there and then and signed up immediately.

NIK MOHAMAD FAUZIE AZRIE is a very close friend of Wan Abdul Rahman, one of my referrals in JustBeenPaid. After learning that Wan Abdul Rahman started his JustBeenPaid business, he became interested and began asking questions.

Being a general worker and earning not more than RM600.00 a month, Nik decided to join Wan Abdul Rahman in JustBeenPaid. After consulting me, Nik decided to begin with a minimum of $10 and he will top up bit by bit monthly so as to make him earn more. 

All who joined understood the risks that each one faces after joining JustBeenPaid but then again there is no business venture that has not have risks. Big or small does not matter. What matters is ARE YOU WILLING to give yourself a chance at having the financial freedom that you longed for.

Earning Passive Residual Income Daily is possible with JustBeenPaid.

Soon, everyone in the know will want to achieve a new lifestyle, having financial freedom and earning real passive residual income everyday for the rest of their life.

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