Monday, August 20, 2012


.. of those who have joined JustBeenPaid... 


Tom Haley
(Simple Profit Team)
Thanks Frederick for a Great Advertising and Moneymaking program to help people Triple their Money Fast in these troubling economic times!
I am encouraging ALL of My Simple Profit Team, who have not yet joined, to first join JustBeenPaid! (JBP), as I have been a member since it first launched and have steadily been getting Signups and Cash paid directly to my AlertPay account; and now You have made it even easier to Advertise and Make Money by adding the new JSS and JSS Booster programs!
With the JBP's JSS and JSS-Booster programs Any Individual Member Can at Any Time Fill their Own Matrix and Triple their Money! (This is the main factor that makes JBP's JSS Indefinitely Sustainable!;-)
I have already cycled 8 times in JSS, in just 10 days, and have been paid $480 which I have used to repurchase additional Advertising positions to promote my primary business.
The new JSS/JSS-Booster is a win-win situation for ALL, especially those who upgrade right away to take advantage of this Fast-Moving, Moneymaking Advertising program.
My advice is to sponsor as many people as you can, before they join under someone else; although there is NO Sponsoring required to make money... but the Referral Commissions Pay 25% on Your First Level and 12.5% on Your Second Level! Wow!
Everybody who is serious about Promoting Their Business and earning Fast Cash should Join/Upgrade ASAP to take advantage of our new JSS/JSS-Booster Passive Advertising and Income programs!

Harve Heath (
"When JSS launched, I earned $1,200 in the first 48 hours! Most individuals, (me included) trying to generate an income online, have missed great opportunities because we were looking for four-leaf clovers. And we often miss great opportunities because of our fear of being ripped off.
Frederick Mann has been earning a fulltime income on the Internet since 1997. He seems to have learned well from his experiences. The breakthrough formula he's created with JSS and JSS-Booster is pure genius!
I'm not a numbers person and understanding matrices to make them work to my advantage is not one of my strong points. That's why JSS and JSS-Booster are so slick... because you really don't need to fully understand how they work to earn great money.
Great job Frederick, I enjoy working with you and look forward to the ongoing success of JSS and JSS-Booster.
To all those skeptics who naturally wonder if the JSS and JSS-Booster programs actually work, I say, YOU BET THEY DO! This could even be YOUR first four-leaf clover!"

Peter Jenkins (
"It (JSS-Booster) is brilliant (I think I don't need to tell you that). I can see... ...When members see they cycle fast they will buy more positions (like 2, 3, 4, 5 at a time, all the way up to 10) and even more positions will cycle because of that. It's like you found a hidden key and opened the door for everyone to make money fast, even without referrals. Thank you for this, it will help a lot of people.
I'm real excited about JSS-Booster because one of my referrals who joined right after she received my message and bought a position right after the JSS launch, cycled within 1 day. I missed the launch because I was working on a new site, but still I cycled within 2 days. That's rare in matrix land!"

I am really excited about JSS-Booster. When JSS launched I only went in with 3 positions as I was skeptical after trying others that never cycle or do what they claim they will do.
I never brought anyone in, I wanted to try it first, so I was very excited when my positions cycled out so fast. I have cycled out 11 times since the launch. I wish I had gone in with 10 positions the first day which I will be doing when JSS-Booster launches. Plus just think what all the "mini-boosters" [each time JSS-Booster is relaunched] are going to do for JSS. There will be even more positions cycling, it is brilliant. I plan to have all my placements bought before the "minis" merge with JSS.
This is going to be a real moneymaker. Plus we get to advertise as well. I really like this, it is exciting and fun!!!

Jim Cerne/Kansas
Personally, this is the fastest I have ever made major dollars with an Internet Program. When JBP/JSS opened, my matrix filled quickly and payout was within 36 hours. After launch day, the program continued to grow. Now with the New JSS-Booster Feeder Program, I expect the program to pick up speed.
Frederick, has proven in the past that he knows what he is doing. All indications are, this will be the greatest program launched in 2010. Do Not Hesitate on this, get in and start growing your bank account.

Earnings Disclaimer

What any one individual earns with JSS and JSS-Booster may not represent what the "average member" earns. Any "average member" who fills the matrix of his or her $20 position in JSS is guaranteed to earn $60. (In JSS-Booster the earnings per position may vary.)

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