Saturday, August 18, 2012

Double Asset Money Multiplier

"How I Discoverd the Magical Breakthrough Called "DAMM" (Double Asset Money Multiplier)!"

My name is Frederick Mann and I've been involved with high-return moneymaking programs for several decades. Since 1997, I've been in literally hundreds of programs. Although I've enjoyed considerable success, not everyone has been as fortunate as I have.
You see, practically all the programs I've been in -- and many more I didn't join -- have failed. Many people have lost money -- some, large amounts...
Some have also made large amounts because they learned how to play the game:
  1. Get in early with significant money.

  2. Recover your initial risk capital as soon as convenient, so you acheive a "can't-lose" position.

  3. Sponsor others to earn referral commissions -- also reduces your risk.

  4. Let some of your profits ride -- parlay or compound -- but periodically withdraw significant portions of your earnings.

  5. Shrug it off when the program owner runs with the money, or the program fails for other reasons -- and find the next "great opportunity!"
Around 2004, I started thinking about designing my own moneymaking program. Over the years, I came up with several designs. I even paid tens of thousands to programmers. But in most cases I pulled the plug on my programs before launch because I realized they had design flaws that prevented them from being indefinitely sustainable...
Then, in June, 2010, I stumbled on the "big breakthrough" which has now become JBP's JSS and JSS-Booster. It was only after analyzing my design that I recognized its power and how it can make a high-return program indefinitely sustainable...
Both JBP's JSS and JSS-Booster utilize a 2x2 matrix. JSS is a high-return longterm ongoing program. JSS-Booster is a high-return shortterm program that is relaunched every 2 weeks or so.
The essence of "DAMM" (Double Asset Money Multiplier) is a breakthrough design so the purchase of a $20 "position" by a JSS member results in one asset (potentially worth $60) owned by the member, and another asset (potentially worth $20) owned by the JSS program -- with no corresponding liabilities!
"Understand the Basic DAMM Mechanisms..."
To understand the mechanisms that make this possible it may help to first explore the JSS and JSS-Booster programs. The video below describes the most important essentials of how JBP's JSS works. JSS is the longterm ongoing program.

Please be patient while video loads.


The video below suggests how you can use JSS-Booster to quickly multiply your money. JSS-Booster is like a "mini-JSS." Every time JSS-Booster is relaunched, it's like the launching of a new program. Particularly members who buy the earliest positions see their money multiply quickly right in front of their eyes...

JSS-Booster is the shortterm program that is relaunched every week. After about 3 days, JSS-Booster is shut down and its uncycled positions are merged into JSS, providing a "growth spurt" to JSS, considerable cycling, and considerable member earnings.

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