Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Long Wait...

Why the long wait? Is this the end of JustBeenPaid and our money? What should we do now?
Tons of questions are being raised by members in the conference room of at the moment. All of them are worried, scared, panicking over what is going on at the moment.

One thing is for sure. Not everyone knows the technical aspects of things especially when it comes to migrating mysql databases to a different style as in the case here.

Transferring one my sql database to a different style will take a whole lot longer than anyone would expect. In the case of ProfitClicking, all one has to do is wait, no matter how long it takes. I understand the panic, worries, scared of losing money etc now felt by more than a million members worldwide but the reality is there is absolutely nothing you can do about it except be patient and wait for information to arrive in your email.

The best thing to do right now is prepare your marketing strategies with profitclicking, re-read your notes from previous trainings that you've attended especially Snoop's training and whatever is necessary so that when the site is ready, you are ready to go out and meet people with greater confidence and hopefully make more money by getting more referrals in your organisation. Remember, this is your business and no one else's, you're not a techie and you don't understand the difficulties of transferring mysql databases. You want to make money, I know that, so do I but there are times when you have to rest for a while and do other things in life in order to be more successful.

Trust me. I know these things.

Dr. Kamal Shah
Pasir Puteh

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